The Longega Project team currently consists of Fabian Feichter, Youlee Ku, Judith Neunhäuserer and Siyoung Kim. All team members are visual artists themselves and have known each other for around 10 years, from their student days at the Munich Art Academy.

It was born as an individual opportunity for rediscovery, an opportunity to experience art in a place outside of modern times, away from the rhythms and influences of the city.

Longega Project offers nature with a mysterious and fascinating character, always a source of inspiration for people and their art. From the first graffiti found in caves to 19th century painting and contemporary land art.

An approach to the environment has become more important, which is another reason why the identification of artists with their surroundings is a broad and necessary theme.

Longega Project offers a new vision: the individual artist re-enters the central point and is confronted with the great power and attraction of the mountains, the forest and the water.

Longega Project for all participants becomes a confrontation with oneself.

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Fabian Feichter

Fabian Feichter

Fabian Feichter (*1986 in Bressanone, Italy) lives and works between Munich, South Tyrol and South Korea. Feichter comes from a family of artists: his father and grandfather are wood sculptors, his mother a painter. In 2014, he completed his studies in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich as a master student of Olaf Metzel. His diploma thesis was awarded the DAAD Prize. In 2019, he received the Ludwig Gies Prize of the LETTER Foundation.

Feichter works primarily with performance, video and sculpture, each with a sarcastic sense of humour. Since 2017 he has also been experimenting with analogue electronic music and is part of three music groups: Kunststoffwerkstatt, Verra and Frauenstrasse. In the same year, he founded Longega Project with Youlee Ku.

Longega Project

Youlee Ku

Youlee Ku (*1988 in Seoul, South Korea) lives and works between South Korea, Italy and Germany. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Sungkyunkwan University Seoul from 2007 to 2012 and from 2014 studied with Olaf Metzel and Alexandra Bircken at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.

In her artistic practice, she incorporates elements from her surroundings and phenomena from the cultures that surround her.

Youlee Ku has participated in several international exhibitions and has been making experimental music and performance as part of the band Verra since 2018. She has planned a number of art festivals and exhibitions and co-founded Longega Project in 2017.

Longega Project

Judith Neunhäuserer

Judith Neunhäuserer (*1990 in Bruneck, Italy) currently lives in Munich and Milan. In her artistic practice she deals with attempts at demarcation as well as aesthetic and epistemic commonalities between science and religion. She studied sculpture and religious and cultural studies in Munich and Istanbul.
Expeditions took her to Neumayer Station III in Antarctica, to the Spanish underground laboratory LSC Canfranc and across the Atlantic with the CMA CGM Puget. In April 2022, she travelled the Arctic Ocean on a sailing vessel as part of The Arctic Circle.

In 2018, she published the expedition report “Albedo” with Hammann von Mier Verlag with the Gedok Munich's debutante funding, and in 2021 her second monograph “Tekeli-li” was published by Textem Verlag Hamburg. In 2019, she received the Fine Arts Scholarship of the City of Munich (with Mathias R. Zausinger) and was a scholarship holder of the South Tyrolean Artists’ Association (Südtiroler Künstlerbund) at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Her work is exhibited internationally.

Judith Neunhäuserer has been a team member of Longega Project since 2020.

Longega Project

Siyoung Kim

Siyoung Kim (*1976 in Berlin, Germany) lives and works as an artist in Munich. She first studied painting from 1995 to 1999 at Cho-Sun University in Gwangju, South Korea, and from 2001 to 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with Axel Kasseböhmer. Her work focuses on collage, drawing and objects.

Since 2008 she has been working at the municipal gallery Kunstarkaden in Munich to support the exhibiting artists and as an art mediator. Siyoung Kim coordinates the artist-in-residence project “Villa Waldberta & Gwangju Museum of Art” in collaboration with the super+ Centercourt, where she is primarily responsible for communication between both parties.

She joined the Longega Project team in 2021.